Creating a Meter Tile

A Meter allows you to show the main summary statistic of a single metric. It reduces the metric to a single numeric value by looking at the max, min, average, current or sum of values in the metric. In addition, the Meter provides a color-threshold indicator of the statistic or the tile background.


      1. Open a Dashboard.
      2. Click Add > Meter. A blank tile is added to the page.
      3. Click IconSet.ico > Settings, to name the tile.
      4. In the Meter Settings dialog box:
      5. To add metrics to the meter, click IconSet.ico > Metrics. The meter metric definition panel is displayed.

        See Metric Expressions
      6. Click Save.



  • To change the meter display settings, see Customizing a Meter.
  • To move a tile, hover over theHover2MoveIcon.ico move icon to display a crossMoveIcon.ico -  drag the tile to a new location.
  • To re-size a tile, hover over the lower right corner to display a grey triangle, drag it to re-size the tile.
  • To duplicate a tile, clickIconSet.ico> Duplicate.
  • To delete a tile, clickIconSet.ico> Delete.
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