Setting a Custom Time Range per Chart or Meter Tile

When creating a new Chart or Meter Tile  use either the default settings or set a Custom Time Range.

Custom Time Ranges can be used to compare the same metrics over different time ranges; for example the Number of visitors over the last day, last week or last month.


To create comparative time range chart or meter tiles, duplicate the original tile [Click the tile Settings icon  > Duplicate, saving the new tile or tiles using informative names] and set custom time ranges.  

To set a custom time range:

  1. Create a new Chart or Meter Tile - follow steps 1 - 4 in Creating a Dashboard Chart Tile or Creating a Dashboard Meter Tile.
  2. In the Chart/Meter Settings dialog box, from the time Range drop-down menu, select  Create a New Time Range Selector.

  3. From the Value drop-down menu, select:
         - Either a predefined Time Range value
        -  Or select Custom to set a Custom Date Range using the Choose Custom Date From and To calendars.

  4. Click OK. The new time range takes effect automatically.


To Delete a Time Range:

  1. Click the Dashboard Settings menu  > Selectors.
  2. In the Dashboard Selectors window, select the Time range you want to delete.
  3. In the Time Range pane, click the Remove icon .
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