Customizing a Meter

As you make changes to the display style, a preview of the changes is displayed. The changes are kept only when saving to the Dashboard.

To customize a meter display

  1. In the Expression Builder panel in the top toolbar, click Metrics_display_icon.ico.

  2. In the Value section, select:

    • Value Type [Average/Current/Maximum/Median/Minimum/STD/Sum]. With the exception of Current, the value type is dynamic, corresponds to the Time Range which can be adjusted in the preview panel.
    • Value Unit – either enter a unit or the unit will be taken from the metric name if the unit property exist.
    • Value Decimals – enter a value for the number of decimal place.
    • Value Abbreviation and Thousands Separator – toggle between  and  to show or hide abbreviations and separators.
  3. In the Affix section:

    • Prefix text to the meter value
    • Suffix to the meter value
    • Text Orientation [Left-Right /Top-Bottom].
  4. In the Font Size section:

    • Prefix font text size percentage
    • Value font text size percentage
    • Suffix font text size percentage
  5. In the Colors section, select:

    • Color element [Background / Text]
    • Default color [Transparent/Custom] select a color from the color palette.
    • Up to 3 Value Conditional Colors [] from the menu or use a custom defined color
  6. Click Done to preview the changes.
  7. Click Save.
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