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Filtering Alerts
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Editing Alerts
     Bulk Editing


The Alerts Management page displays your alerts. The page displays:

  • Alert titles
  • Notifications of errors and composite delay changes
  • Ownership
  • Date Modified
  • Status
  • Total number of alerts triggered in the last 7 days


On the Alerts Management page, you can:

  • Filter alerts. If the Filter panel is not displayed, click the Filter button. See Filtering Alerts.
  • Edit, subscribe, pause, duplicate, delete alerts alerts. See Editing Alerts.
  • Bulk edit one or more alerts to add and remove recipients, pauses, labels and resume alerts. See Bulk Editing.


  • To change the sort order of any of the alert parameters [Title/Notification/ Owner/
    Date Modified/Status/triggered
    ], hover over the parameter heading.
  • To view the severity of an alert, hover over the color-code bar next to the alert title.
  • To view the notification details, hover over the warning icon:
    • A Red triangle indicates that the search result is empty - either there is no data or it is invalid
    • An Orange triangle indicates that the composite delay has been changed.

More Alerts Information

To display more information about a specific alert, click the alert row. Choose the information you want to see:

  • Summary for the high level details of the alert.
  • Alert Console to link to the Alerts Console  See Alerts Console
  • Details for a full alert report.



To show or hide the Filters panel, click the Filters button. Alerts can be filtered using any combination of the following parameters:


To View the Filters Applied

To display a summary of the filters selected, hover over the Filters button.



  • (43/50) The total number of alerts meeting the selected criteria
  • (4) The number of filters applied


To edit an alert

1. Hover over the alert to display the Edit tool bar.

2. Click the relevant icon to:

  • Edit an alert [Alert owners and Admin users only]. See Creating and Tuning Alerts
  • Subscribe/ Unsubscribe to alerts
  • Pause /Resume Alerts. Alerts can be paused for
    • An hour
    • A day
    • A week
    • Indefinitely
  • Duplicate - a copy of the alert is automatically created. 
  • Delete alerts [Alert owners and Admin users only]

3. Click Save to return to the Alerts Management page.

Bulk Editing

To add recipients, pause/resume alerts and labels to more than one alert at a time, use bulk editing.

1. Choose the alerts you want to bulk edit. 

  • Either select individual alerts - scroll and check the check box

Or to globally edit all the alerts - check the Title check box. All the alerts are automatically selected.

2. Choose:

  • Recipients to add recipients
  • Pause to pause for a chosen interval
  • Labels to search and add labels
  • More to resume paused alerts 
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