Creating Selectors

  1. In an open Dashboard, click the More menu. Click Selectors. The Dashboard Selectors page opens.
  2. Click New > Selector. The Create New Selector dialog box is displayed. 
  3. Select a property from the  Properties drop-down menu.

    Note: The top 50 available values for the selected property appear in the main panel.
  4. To narrow the list of values for the Selector, in the Filter Property Values (RegEx) field enter  a Regular Expression.

The following operators can be used with Selector RegEx:

.* Any string, length 0 to entire string
? Any single character
| OR between multiple expressions
& AND between multiple expressions
~ NOT on the encapsulated expression following the ~
() Encapsulated expressions
For examples, see Selectors

5. Type an informative name in the Selector Name field.
Note: Selector Names may not contain spaces or special characters. Anodot automatically prefixes the name of your selector with a dollar sign ($) for quick identification in the Selector list of the Expression Builder.

6. [Optional] Select a Dependency Group [None, A,B,C].
See Using Dependency Groups

Note: Dependency groups prevent a user from selecting selector values that yield empty search results, so that when two or more selectors are in the same dependency groups, any chosen values from the drop-down selection will yield a nonempty result.

When selecting a specific value in a selector it will filter out values from all other selectors in the same dependency group. The values that will be filters are values that do no exist in the group of metrics that contain the selector chosen value.

For example:
- s1, s2 and s3 selectors in the same group
- user selects value v1 for selector s1, now the available values for selectors s2 and s3 are  values that only exist in the metrics contained in value v1.
To prevent dependency between selectors, select None as a Dependency Group. 

7. Click Save.

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