To create a PostgreSQL data source:

  1. In the Data Manager window, click Sources +.
  2. In the Source Types window, click START on the PostgreSQL.ico tile. The PostgreSQL dialog box is displayed.
  3. Enter your Server location.
  4. Either enter your PostgreSQL port number or leave the default port number [5432] as-is.
  5. Enter a Database name.
  6. [Optional] Enter a user name.
  7. [Optional] enter a user password.
  8. Enable / disable Use SSL. The default is Use SSL enabled.
  9. Enable Verify Server Certificate.
  10. Add an Anodot server IP to your firewall's whitelist.
    See Whitelisting Anodot Servers
  11. Click Continue to open the Stream Query window.

Note To create a PostgreSQL stream query, see Creating a Stream Query from a Database

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