Creating a Dashboard Chart Tile

  1.  Open a Dashboard.
  2.  Click Add. Select Chart from the drop-down menu. A blank tile is added to the page.
  3.  To name the tile, hover over the tile and click the Settings icon IconSet.ico.
  4.  Select Settings.
     In the Chart Settings dialog box:
     - Enter a Chart name
     - [optional] Enter a web link. Converts the Chart name to a hyperlink to the specified link.
     - Click Save
    Note: To set a custom time range see Setting a Custom Time Range per Chart or Meter Tile.
  5. - To add metrics to the chart, click SettingsIcon.png > Settings. The metric expressions definition panel opens. See Building Metric Expressions.
    Note: The results of the parameters selected are immediately displayed in the chart.
  6.  Click Save, the chart is automatically saved to the Dashboard.
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