Time Range and Time Scale

Time Range: The date range controls the time period of metrics or anomalies that are viewed in the dashboards, metrics and anomalies tabs. The range is according to the Last n Minutes, Hours, Days, Week, Months, and Year. You may also define a custom date range. The default time range is Last Week.

Time Scale: The span of time for which metrics are aggregated. Anodot aggregates metrics into 1 minute, 5 minutes, 1 hour, 1 day and 1 week intervals. Anodot also computes anomalies on each time scale independently. When viewing metrics in dashboards or the metrics tab, Anodot automatically selects the viewing time scale based on the Time Range selected. The time scale is marked with Auto. This setting can be overwritten.


  1. Select a metric.
  2. Open the Time Range drop-down menu displayed on the upper left side of the page and select a time range. 


  1. Select a chart.
  2. Hover in the upper right corner of a chart to display the drop-down Time Scale menu.
  3. Select a time scale.

To set a custom time range per tile, see Setting a Custom Tile Range per Chart or Meter Tile.

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