Connecting to Databases using Anodot Agent

General Information 
Supported databases


For general information about Anodot agents, including main concepts, pipelines and a basic work flow, see Anodot Agents - Overview.

To use the Anodot JDBC agent to collect records from a relational database, configure:

  • The relational database source
  • The pipeline(s) from the database to Anodot according to your needs

And you're set to collect your data.


  1. Docker & docker-compose.
  2. A relational DB;  the data source.
  3. An active Anodot account; the data destination.
  4. Persistent volumes: 250Kb for every pipeline

Get the agent docker image from Dockerhub.

Please follow the installation and configuration steps in our Github Repo.


  • MongoDB
  • Apache Kafka
  • InfluxDB
  • Postgres
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