Why can’t I find my data in Anodot?

As a general note, it’s important to keep in mind that metrics in Anodot are indexed by certain properties (key-value pairs). To search and view metrics, you will have to type in those properties into a metric search expression. Here are a few reasons why such search may fail to return results:

  • Display limitation. in metrics search, as well as in dashboards, Anodot limits the number of data points available for display. This number is affected by the total number of metrics in the expression, the time scale of the metrics, the selected time range, and the metrics sorting method (alphanumeric, highest average, etc). Try to down scale / change these different parameters in order to lower the number of data points considered for display 
  • The metric(s) you are looking for had not reported in a while. This can be easily verified by choosing a wider time range for the metrics in question, preferably with a daily time scale. Importantly, metrics may report sparsely by nature, but this could possibly point to some error in the data transfer protocol (corrupted json structure, broken script, etc). You can define No Data alerts that would help catch metrics that stopped reporting.
  • Looking for old metrics? We execute a periodic clean-up routine on metrics that had not reported for more than 30 days. These metrics are removed from the index, so you won’t be able to search for them. If you have alerts on metrics that are no longer indexed, they will be marked with an “empty search result” error in alert management (a red triangle).
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