Why didn't my alert trigger?

  • First, verify that the relevant data is streamed to Anodot.  
  • Make sure that the metric in question is indeed covered by an alert. Our algorithms work around the clock on detecting anomalies in all incoming metrics, but if there’s no alert that cover those metrics, you would not know about it.
  • Verify that you are listed as a recipient in that alert.
  • Make sure the alert has no error indication. Errors will be displayed with a little red triangle in alert management
  • Were ALL the alert conditions met? Check the alert settings for any additional conditions as well (e.g., influencing metrics, metric value etc.)
  • Have you or anyone else made recent changes to the alert settings / composite? Some new configuration may have been applied.
  • Is it a new alert with newly streamed metrics? Consult our Facts & Figures to find out the minimum time to detect new anomalies.

In case you are still not sure why the alert did not trigger, please contact our support for further assistance. 

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