I’ve created a new tag using Anodot’s REST API. Why can’t I see it when I search for its associated metrics?

  • First, use list all tags request to validate the tag was indeed registered in Anodot. If it was not registered, inspect your original API request and the response details for possible errors.
  • Note: tag names should NOT contain the following characters :{ .SPACE}
  • In general, It can take up to 20 minutes until the metric tagging operation will be applied to the relevant metrics.
  • The tagging mechanism is data-driven, i.e., tags will be indexed in Anodot once data points for metrics that were associated with a specific tag have arrived at our servers. If the incoming data rate for the associated metric(s) is low, it may take some time for those tags to be indexed in our system.

     Once the tags have been indexed, you will be able to search for them using the # prefix: 



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