April 15-May 1, 2019: Anodot Release Notes

Data Collectors


  • View additional information in Stream summaries:
    • scheduling information
    • Last collection information
    • BigQuery query text
  • Stream tables
    • Two new functions added to the creation of a user defined measure - Min and Max between two existing measures 
  • Google BigQuery
    • The Choose Project drop-down menu is searchable
  • Google Analytics Collector
    • Segments supported in GA queries and results 


  • FTUE (First Time User Experience) - Onboarding recommendations to help new users
  • Admins can change all Dashboards and Anoboards
  • Read-only users can view data collectors' source input info and stream summaries.

For additional details, contact support@anodot.com 
The Anodot Team


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