March 4-20, 2019: Anodot Release Notes

Data Collectors
Alert Console
Bug Fixes


    • Salesforce collector (beta)
      • Allowing a single SFDC object to be queried, and fields from that object are retrieved on a daily or hourly basis
    • Agent Collector - Kafka collector (Beta)
      • Reading JSON records from the Kafka streaming platform and relaying them to Anodot using Metrics 2.0 protocol.
    • Create Alert from stream
      • The alert and its underlying composite metrics are created only when the stream state is switching from In-progress to Live, allowing the platform to fully utilize the historical data gathered from the stream.
    • Composite delay based on Stream watermark - Opened as Beta
      • Anodot Metrics 3.0 protocol allows sending metrics


    • Explicit save of filter settings
      • Allowing each user save his preferred filters and return to them every time with a click of a button. Resetting to Anodot default is available too.
    • Open alert filter
      • The filter will present only open metrics in the relevant trigger, allowing better focus on the incident at hand.


    • Menu items in the main navigation bar can be opened in a new tab
    • Read only users can subscribe/unsubscribe themselves to alerts


    • S3 Collector lagging policy ignored
    • File upload - Improved error message in tar files
    • Error when fine tuning a dimension
    • Getting NaN values in metric
    • UTF8 support in Tags API
    • Alert console - show correct number of metrics in the trigger
    • No Data alerts - measure name was missing in the alert
    • Anomaly state lost


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The Anodot Team


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