Anodot S3 Collector Timezone settings


S3 file collection schedule is based on Timezone A, while the data within the files holds information using Timezone B.

How are timezones (TZ) taken into consideration in the Anodot S3 collector?


Follow these guidelines to keep the filename and file records in sync:

  1. The TZ used in the scheduler setting provides the TZ to use for collection.
  2. The collection interval defines the span between consecutive collection.

Steps 1 and 2 provide two "absolute" times: “Start of interval” and “end of interval”.

In each interval:

i. The data records within the file might be defined using a different TZ.

ii. Each data record's timestamp is translated to "absolute time" too.

iii. Each data record's timestamp found in ii needs to be larger than “start of interval”, and smaller than “end of interval” to be included.  If not, the line is discarded.


To Keep it simple, use the same timezone setting for parsing the file content and in the stream scheduler.

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