AWS Kinesis Stream Integration


Collect your AWS Kinesis data in 3 simple steps:

  1. Provide Anodot read permissions to the Kinesis stream - see Enabling Reading from the Kinesis Stream.
  2. Create an Anodot Data Source.
  3. Create Kinesis Data Streams to slice the data according to your use cases.

The Anodot Kinesis Data Collector currently supports reading JSON records from AWS Kinesis Streams.


  1. On the Streams page, click  Sources+.
  2. In Sources Types, click START on the Kinesis tile. The Kinesis dialog box is displayed.


  3. From the drop-down menu select the Kinesis stream region.

  4. Enter the Stream name you created in your Kinesis account.

  5. When you have completed creating the Anodot Data Source, click continue and define the Stream Query.



  1. In the Set up panel, choose a:
               i  Record type - If you use multiple JSON records, choose a
    ii Record delimiter 
  2. Click the Query Schedule edit pen to set the delay [in minutes].
    Note: To minimize the partial results in your reports, set the delay according to the time it takes the data to be available.
  3. In the Stream Filters panel:
      i.  Choose a Path filter. Use a dot (".") to indicate hierarchy in the JSON object.
    Example: To filter the 401 error code
    1. Fill in the path: Error.Error_Details.Error_code
    2. Fill in value: 401
    "Error": {
    "Error_Details": {
    "Error_code": "401",
    "text": "Unauthorized Request",
    "details": "Request is not allowed in current scope"
      ii. Choose an Operator, to Include/ Exclude the values specified in step 3 iii.
      iii. Enter Values to include or exclude in the filter.
  4. To add more Path filters, click + Add Another Path Filter and repeat step 3. [Optional]  
  5. Click Collect.
  6. Click the Measures & Dimension edit pen.
  7. Select the JSON: 
       i.  path representing the timestamp to use
       ii. path(s) representing measure(s)
       iii path(s) representing dimension(s)
  8. Click Next.
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