Anodot Navigation Menu

The Anodot Navigation Menu - A partial list of icons and menu options may be presented according to the user role. See Roles and Permissions

Metrics_search.ico   Metric Search

  • Build Metric Expressions
  • View graphs of active metric expressions
  • Preview metric details set in the Expression tree builder

Alerts_Console.ico   Alerts Console

  • Filter Alerts 
  • Short-list Alerts that you want to Acknowledge
  • Tune Alerts
  • Investigate Anomaly alerts
  • Snooze alerts

Anomalies_icon.ico   Anomalies

  • Create new anomaly dashboards
  • View and access anomalies dashboards

Dashboard_icons.ico   Dashboards

  • View metric dashboards
  • Create new dashboards
  • Import dashboards

Data_manager_icon.ico   Streams

  • Add new sources
  • Create, edit and duplicate stream queries
  • Collect, process and stream metrics and dimensions from your data collection tools
  • Track account usage 

Management_icon.ico   Management

Settings_icon.ico   Settings

support_icon.ico   Support

  • Help Center
  • Open a ticket 
  • Tutorials

Account_info_icon.ico   Account Info

  • User Account role/email
  • Organization
  • Log out
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