Delay settings in the Google Analytics collector

What are the correct delay settings in a Google Analytics collector?

The minimal delay setting allows you to set the waiting period Anodot platform waits before querying your GA account and start collecting data from it.

This setting should allow ample time for the data to be prepared by Google for querying it.

The maximal delay setting allows you to set the waiting period in order to get the complete data (known as Golden data)



Good To Know : What is “Golden Data”?

  • Google analytics reporting API provides the golden marker as part of the response. If the response is marked golden - it means all future queries for that data will produce the same output. There is no more data to wait for.
  • Google provides the golden marker anytime between the first query and 48 hours; there is no guarantee. The reporting depends on amounts of data, internal process, custom metrics/dims, mobile device that were offline and so on.

Anodot waiting time

The Anodot waiting time between calls to the GA Reporting API varies between 5-20 minutes, with a random factor, so that calls are spread in time.

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