Metrics Overview

In the Metrics Overview video you will learn how to search and understand your metrics behavior over time.



The Metrics windows consists of an: 

 - Expression Builder - to build metric expressions
 - Display Panel - to view the graphs of the metrics that are the result of the active metric expression in the tree 
 - Metrics Legend  - to preview the details of metrics set in the Expression builder


The expression tree is the basic building block of the Anodot metric analysis. It is a graphical representation of a set of analytical functions applied on time series metrics.  

Use the Expression builder to:

  • Search for metrics
  • Apply analytics – Add functions to metric expressions to create valuable metric analytics. [Optional]
  • Visualize the resultant time series in the chart area.
  • Add an optional Selector to the expression. [Dashboard only]
  • Add more expressions. [Dashboard only]

Metric expressions can be created in the:

  • Dashboard tile
  • Metrics window
  • Alerts window


This panel displays the graphs of the metrics that are the result of the active metric expression in the tree. 
In the display you can:

  • Change the Time Range, Time Scale.
  • Zoom in on metric details.
  • Refresh the chart periodically or on demand.
  • Save the expression:
    • As a Composite Metric; the expression must contain a function. See Composite Metrics
    • To a dashboard
    • To create an Alert

Metrics can be displayed either in Collapsed view, one chart containing all the metrics, or Expanded view, a metric per chart. 

Collapsed View:

Expanded view


To customize the chart, spline and axis type, see Customizing Charts.


The details of up to  50 metrics can be displayed in the legend. Select the number of metrics you want to display from the Show menu in the Expression builder.


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