Anodot - GDPR Readiness

On May 25, 2018 the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)  regulating how companies
protect EU citizens’ personal data, took effect. The GDPR requirements are a baseline set of
standards for companies that handle EU citizens’ data to better safeguard the processing and
movement of citizens’ personal data.

As a responsible, forward-looking and data-driven business, Anodot recognizes and appreciates
the great importance of complying with the EU’s GDPR and other applicable data protection and
privacy laws, and of having effective measures and procedures in place to protect the privacy of its
customers, partners, employees and other data subjects.

Anodot has invested, and continues to invest significant efforts and resources, to meet GDPR
requirements and privacy compliance objectives.  As privacy compliance is an ongoing mission, we
have made it an integral part of R&D, marketing, HR, finance, operations and all aspects of
running a data-driven business.

To ensure that Anodot is properly aligned with the GDPR principles we recently appointed a Data
Protection Officer who, in conjunction with our legal advisers, management and staff, is dedicated
to maintaining the latest customer protection requirements.

Anodot does not process any personal data on its customers behalf and it contractually prohibits its customers from providing Anodot with any personal data concerning their customers end-users.

With respect to data processed by Anodot on its own product users, Anodot is the controller of such data (to the extent applicable by law) as is determined for the purposes and means of such processing.

In addition, all Anodot employees and other stakeholders in the company are committed to
maintaining GDPR best practices at all times.

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