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In the the Adobe Analytics Collector tutorial will learn how to get data from Adobe Analytics into Anodot metrics and get Anodot's machine learning algorithms to find anomalies in those metrics.

This article contains sections on:

Creating an Adobe Analytics Data Source 
Creating a Stream Query 
Reviewing The Data In The Stream Table


  1. In the Data Manager window, click Sources +.
  2. In the Source Types window, click START on the Adobe Analytics  adobeAnalytics.ico tile to display the Adobe Analytics create source dialog box. 
    Enter a:
    i.  A data source name.
    ii.  Your username
    iii.  Your Shared Secret password.
  3. Click Continue to connect and open the Stream Query page.

Required User Credentials
To run reports the following user credentials are mandatory:

    · get closest endpoint
    · list report suites
    · get report suites timezones 
    · validate reports
    · run reports
    · queue reports
    · get report results 
    · get elements
    · get metrics

The following credential is optional 
    · get segments


If you have just created a new Adobe Analytics source, skip to step 3.

  1. In the Data Manager Source+ panel, choose the Adobe Analytics source to which you want to create a stream query.
    Note The streams associated with the chosen source are displayed. If the Streams panel is empty, no stream queries exist for that source.
  2. Click Streams+ to display the Stream Query page. 
  3. Choose a Report Suite.
  4. Click the Schedule Report Edit icon, to open the Schedule Report page.
    i.  The time period to Collect data.
    ii. Set the Delay delta.
    iii. A Time zone according to which the data will be processed.
    vi. An Historical time span of data to collect while initializing a stream.
  5. Click × to accept your schedule report selection and return to the Stream Query page.
  6. Click the Measures & Dimensions Edit icon, to open the Measures and Dimensions page.
    Choose the :
    i.   Measures
    ii.  Dimensions
    iii.  Segments
    To include in the stream query.

Adobe Analytics Display Names
Measures, Dimensions and Segments may have the same 'display names'.
To display an item ID and content tooltip, hover over the item.

7. Click × to accept the chosen parameters and return to the Stream Query page.

8. Click QUERY to run the report and return to the Data Manager page. A query progress bar is displayed next to the stream state icon.


After the data is retrieved:

  1. Click the Data Manager More icon > edit option by the stream to open the stream table.
  2. Review the data in the stream table. 
    - If you are satisfied with the query parameters, click STREAM-IT
    - To edit the Stream Table, see Stream Table

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