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Creating a BigQuery data source 
Creating a BigQuery stream query


  1. In the Data Manager window, click Sources +.
  2. In the Source Types window, click START on the Google BigQuery G_BigQuery.ico tile.
  3. Sign in with your Google account.
  4. Allow to access your Google account. The Stream Query window is displayed.


If you have just created a BigQuery data source, skip to step 3.

  1. In the Data Manager Sources + panel, choose the BigQuery source for which you want to create a stream query. 
    Note: The streams associated with that source are displayed. If the Streams panel is empty, no stream queries exist for that source.
  2. Click Streams + to display the Stream Query dialog box. 
  3. Choose a Project.
  4. Choose a Data Set (optional).
  5. Click the Query Schedule Edit icon to open the Query Schedule page.
  6. Choose:
    i.  The time period to Collect data.
    ii. Set the Delay delta.
    iii. A Time Zone according to which the data will be processed.
    vi. An Historical time span of data to collect while initializing a stream.
  7. Click × to accept your query schedule and return to the Stream Query page.
  8. Click Compose Query to open the Query Editor.

  9. Use the sample text and guidelines to build a query.
  10. To use Standard SQL, deselect the Use Legacy SQL
  11. Click Preview Query.
  12. Once you are satisfied with the query, click CONTINUE to return to the Stream Query page - the Dates, Measures and Dimensions  are displayed.
  13. To edit any of the Measures & Dimensions, click Edit icon, to open the Measures & Dimensions page.
  14. Edit the parameters you want to change:
    i.   Date
    ii.  Measures
    iii. Dimensions
  15. Click × to accept the chosen parameters and return to the Stream Query page.
  16. Click NEXT to display the Stream Table

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