Anodot Navigation Panel

To access the Navigation panel from anywhere in Anodot, click the Menu icon on the
top task bar.  

Note Click the navigation panel Pin icon: 
 - Once to dock the panel and resize the Anodot active window. 
 - Twice to hide the panel .

Use the Navigation Panel to:

  • View your Account information
    Your user name, email, role and Token ID are displayed at the top of the panel. If you need
    to copy your Token, hover over the token number, a Copy to Clipboard icon  is displayed. 
  • [Alpha only] View the Alerts Console to:
    • Filter the Alerts to be displayed by Date range, Status, Channels & Users
    • Short-list Alerts that you want to Acknowledge.
    • Tune Alerts
    • Investigate Anomaly alerts
  • Configure Alerts by creating notifications of metric events triggered by anomalies,
    deviations from a static threshold value and no data.
  • View the Anomalies discovered by Anodot.
  • Access Dashboards which are the central repository for accessing and reviewing
    groups of metrics.
  • Access the main Metrics window to:
    • Build Metric Expressions
    • View graphs of active metric expressions
    • Preview metric details set in the Expression tree builder
  • Access Data Collectors to collect, process and stream metrics and dimensions
    through Anodot's machine learning algorithms from your data collection tools
  • Manage
  • Set
    • SAML SSO and Google OAuth authentication [Admin only]
    • API tokens [Admin only]
    • Time Zone - Click to up date the time zone. 
      Note The default time zone is the same as your Anodot browser.
    • Change password
  • Click Support to
  • Logout
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