Alerts Console - Beta

The Console is the repository of all your Anodot alerts. From the Console you can:

View and acknowledge alerts
Filter alerts by date range, status, channels and users  
Investigate alerts 
Tune alerts



Note To create a new alert, click the + icon.

In the Alerts Console, alerts are displayed by: 

Title - The name assigned when configuring the alert.

 OpenAlert.ico Indicates that the alert is Open.

Start Time - When the anomaly started. To see the exact date and time the anomaly started, hover over the Start Time.

Update Time - The last time an alert was updated.

  • The alerts can be sorted either in ascending or descending order by clicking the up/down arrows by Update Time.
  • To see the exact date and time the anomaly was last updated, hover over the Update Time.

Duration - The Duration is the total time from when the anomaly first started to the last time it was updated.

Score - The Metric anomaly significance score.

Metrics - The total number of metrics in the alerts notification. To view the metric graphs, click anywhere within the alert row. To hide the graphs, click again within the alerts row.

Severity - The alert severity level as defined by the user.

Acknowledged Alerts - Alerts which the user is watching. Hover over the row to:

  • Acknowledge and click the Acknowledge_icon.ico icon. 
  • Dis-acknowledge and click the dis_Acknowledge_icon.ico icon. 

Alerts - Indicates the total number of alerts sent within the specified Date range.


Snooze stops metrics which are fired as part of an alert from being sent to the defined recipients for the specified time period.

To snooze an alert

  1. Hover over the alert row you want to set snooze.
  2. Click the Snooze Alert icon.
  3. Choose from the drop-down menu: 
  • Either a set Standard time-frame for all the metrics in the alert
  • Or Custom to stop selected metrics from those triggered in the alert for a specified time-period.

- Any user can snooze an alert
- To end snooze, click the Snooze Alert icon > End Snooze
- The time under the Snooze icon indicates when the snooze period will end; the metrics will re-trigger the alert. 


You can filter the alerts displayed on the Console page by:

Date Range - The default is Last 24 hours.

Status - The default is All.

Channels & Users - The default is the current user. 


Anomaly and Static Threshold Alerts can be investigated from the Console.

  1. Hover over the alerts row, to display the More icon.
  2. Click the More icon > Investigate
    See Investigating Anomalies


Anomaly and Static Threshold Alerts can be tuned from the Console.

  1. Hover over the the alerts row, to display the More icon.
  2. Click the More icon > Tune Alert.
    See Alerts Overview
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