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To view your Data Collection key, from the main Navigation panel, choose Settings > API Tokens. The API Token Management window is displayed.

  • Use this token when sending metrics to Anodot.
  • This token is used by Anodot legacy APIs. 


Access keys are used to update other resources. To access Anodot resources, new, published APIs require dedicated tokens. 

Token creation and management is limited to admin users. Tokens created in Anodot should be copied and forwarded to developers to be used as a refresh token in the code.

To create an Access key token

  1. From the main Navigation panel, choose Settings > API Tokens. 
  2. Enter a name in the Access Keys: Name field.
  3. Click CREATE. The new token is automatically displayed in the API Token list.
    API_Keys_Access.png Note: Token names in black are active/names in red have been revoked.

To use a token

  1. Hover over the Token number to display the Copy to clipboard icon; click to copy to the clipboard.
  2. Use in your own code. See API Basic Guidelines.

To revoke a token and limitations

To revoke a token, click ×.
Revoked tokens are kept for historical purposes.


  • Before an admin user is deleted, their tokens can either be delegated to another admin user or deleted. 
  • Revoked tokens cannot be used to refresh access tokens.
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