Integration Guide


Data Collectors enable you to stream measures and dimensions to Anodot by enabling Anodot to connect to your data source (Database, Analytics service, Cloud storage, etc.). All you are required to do is to authorize Anodot and select the data you want to Anodot to pull. This is the preferred way of integration.
For more details see Data Collectors.

Anodot currently supports the following collectors:

Coming soon:

  • Mixpanel
  • AmazonCloudWatch
  • Prometheus
  • SalesForce


  • In case you choose not to authorize Anodot to access you data store, you may use an agent. An agent is installed on your server and connects Anodot REST API to push the measures and dimensions you select. Agents are configured using a query and schedule. Once configured Anodot’s agent automatically collects the specified data based on your specified schedule, converts it into Anodot metrics format and sends it into your account at Anodot.
    For more details, see Agents and Open Source Collectors.

  • We currently support the following Agents:


Anodot also exposes a RESTful API to enable you to directly send metrics in case none of the above Agents are sufficient.
For more details, see REST API Integration Overview.

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