API Implementation Checklist

To ensure that the data sent to Anodot is valid, here is a recommended implementation checklist:

  • File Format
    • Metrics should be transformed to ASCII or UTF-8
      Example Linux command: iconv -f UTF8 -t US-ASCII//TRANSLIT filename
  • Removing Special characters
    • “.” (dot), “=” (equal sign) and space are not allowed in Property names and values. They must be removed or replaced with “_” (underscore).
    • It is recommended to remove or replace other special chars as well using the same method. In case special chars are used, Users will have to use "escaping" in the UI
  •  Timestamp
    • Timestamp is in EPOCH seconds as a whole number.
    • Data points are sorted by the “timestamp” value.
  • Add the following properties
    • “target_type” added to every data point.
    • “unit” added to every data point.
    • “ver” added to each data point.
  • Properties
    • All the properties are meaningful and easy to understand, both the properties keys and their values.
    • Make sure all property names and values with similar meaning are identical across all metrics even if they are coming from other data sources.
    • All properties should have values. Replace empty values with: “empty” or “not_avail” or “not_exist” or “null”.
    • Check you have at least 1 property and no more than 20 properties per metric.
    • Limit the property name up to 50 chars.
    • Limit the property value up to 150 chars.
  • The “what” property
    • is short, meaningful and easy to understand. The best way is to make sure the “what” value answers the question: “What does this sample measure?”
    • The answer can be: “CPU”, “revenue”, “users”, etc...
  • Data point value
    • The value of the field “value” is a decimal number without any formatting except the decimal “.” separator
  • When using tags:
    • Limit the number of tags up to 40 tags per metric.
    • Verity Tag keys are non-empty and no longer than 50 characters.
    • Verify Tag values are non-empty and no longer than 150 characters. It may be an array of values that match the same key.
  •  Send the Json body to your Anodot’s CSM for additional review. 


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