Correlating Events with Anomalies

To correlate Events to Anomalies,  the Events toggle switch in the Anoboard Dashboard Tile must be activated [ON]. See Creating an Anoboard Dashboard Tile.

Events are displayed as blue vertical plot lines overlying the Anomaly charts. An Event Viewer is displayed on the right-hand side.



Each blue vertical plot line on a chart is the aggregate of the events within the customer-defined tile time-resolution [1 minute/ 5 minutes/ 1 hour/ 1 day...] 

To view detailed data per aggregated event hover over a chart. A tool-tip is displayed for each Event line, displaying the: 

  • Date it occurred
  • Metrics
  • Total number of Events that occurred within the specified aggregated tile time resolution
  • A breakdown of the event categories

To view data for single events within the aggregated time range, click an Event plot line. The Event Viewer will display  the events in the specified timed range by:

  • Source [source icon]
  • Title
  • Time


To display additional properties  [including filter tags], for a selected Event,  click the blue ellipsis button .

To create and edit Events, see API Reference - Events.


  1. In the Event Viewer, click the Filter by tags, properties or search text field [or start typing to display an autofill menu].
  2. Select the property and values by which to filter. You can add as many filter tags as you want.

The display of the Events plot line on the Anomalies charts will be updated accordingly.

Note: The total number of Events for a given Time Range is displayed in the Title bar of the Events Viewer,

If there more than 1000 events, hover over the 1K icon . A tooltip with the total number of Events is displayed. 

3. To create a new Anoboard with the selected filters, click the Save As button on the Chart Display panel on the left-hand side.

4. A Save "current_name" As dialog box is displayed. Type a name in the Name field.

5. Click Create. A new Anoboard is saved on the All Anoboards page.

Note: Clicking Save on the Chart Display Panel will save the Anoboard with the newly filtered tags, overriding the current Events Anomalies correlation charts. 

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