The Metrics Window

The Metrics window is divided into three sections.


In the left panel is the Expression Builder, consisting of an optional function node and expression nodes.

  • Manage the sort order and number of metrics shown in the chart.
    • Sort order includes options such as highestAverage, highestCurrent, mostDeviant, lowestAverage, and lowestMin. The sort order is for preview purposes only, and is being computed over the time range specified, except when saving to the Dashboard.
    • You can show up to 50 metrics in the chart.
    • If there are more than 50 metrics returned in an expression, clicking on the expression shows the full list in the legend below the chart.
  • Search for metrics and create the analytics.
  • Change the chart display style settings.
  • Create an additional expression node.SimpleSearchSwitch_Adv_pane.png

If an Advanced metric meets the Simple Search parameters, it can be converted to a Simple Search by clicking the Simple Search toggle. If it does not, a Simple Search Warning is displayed.


In the upper right panel is a chart showing the graphs of the metrics that are the result of the active metric expression in the tree. The active expression is indicated by a red line at the left of the box.

In this section you can:


In the lower right panel is a legend listing the chart metrics.

  • View details for up to 50 metrics, as set in the Expression Builder panel. The number of additional metrics is shown above a dashed line that separates the additional metrics.
    RawSearch_2.pngTo view the names of additional metrics, scroll down.
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