Customizing Charts

As you make changes to the display style, a preview of the changes is displayed. The changes are kept only when saving to the Dashboard.

To customize a chart display:

  1. In the Expression Builder panel in the top toolbar, click the Display Style icon.

The Display Properties panel is displayed.

2. In Display as, select the type of chart for displaying the metrics.

  • Line
  • Column
  • Area
  • Spline

3. In Stacking, select the type of stacking:

  • None
  • Normal – Relevant with multiple metrics. The values of the metrics are stacked on top of each other. The highest value represents the sum of the values of all metrics at each time.
  • Percent – Same as Normal, except that the values are normalized to represent percentages of the metric value from the sum.
    Y-axis is shown from 0 to 100%.

4. In Y-Axis, select which side to display the y-axis scale on the chart: Left or Right.

5. In Y-axis type select:

  • Linear if the range of values is small

  • Logarithmic if the range of values is large

6. Set a maximum y-axis scale setting. [Optional]  

7. Set a minimum y-axis scale setting. [Optional]  
Note When more than one metric is display on a single chart the top value on the y-axis will be equivalent to the highest maximum set of the metrics displayed. The lowest value will be equivalent to the lowest minimum set of the metrics displayed.

8. Click Done.

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