Shifts each data point by the given period. 


Time SeriesMultiple (Multiple time-series) 


Time Shift 

Mandatory, relative time value 

Time Shift Scale 

Mandatory, scale (Minutes, Hours, Days) 


Transformed Time SeriesMultiple 

Available in 


Usage example 

The TimeShift function shifts the metric’s data timestamps to the right (into the "future"). This enables the user to inspect a specific time range in the past, together with another time range. 

For example, the function can be used to inspect how a certain metric behaved today, compared with data from yesterday and 7 days ago. The following chart was created using three separate expressions, two of them time-shifted by 1 day and 7 days respectively: 




  • This function is available for display purposes only, and cannot be used in alerts. 
  • The number of intervals that the data is shifted is specified using a parameter. For example, if you choose 1 day, the function shifts all data points one day into the relative future. Consequently, a value with a timestamp of 2 days ago will be displayed in the graph with yesterday’s date, a value with timestamp of 1 day ago will be displayed with today’s date, and so on.  
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