Shifts the data point by the given time provided.


Time Series – multiple (Multiple time series.)


Time Shift

Mandatory, relative_time (Time Shift.)


Time Shift Scale

Mandatory, scale (Time Shift Scale.)


Transformed Time Series - multiple

Available in



This function shifts the metric’s data timestamps to the right (into the “future”). This allows the user to inspect a specific time range in the past, preferably side by side with another time range.

The Timeshift function can be used to inspect how a certain metric behaved today, compared with data from the last day and 7 days ago. The following chart was created using three separate expressions, two of them were time shifted 1 day and 7 days respectively:





  • This function is available for display only purposes, and cannot be used in alerts.
  • The number of intervals that the data is shifted is specified using a parameter. For example, If you choose 1 day, the function will shift all data points one day into the future. Consequently, a value with a timestamp of 2 days ago will be displayed in the graph with yesterday’s date,  a value with timestamp of 1 day ago will be displayed with today’s date, etc.
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