Anomalies Overview

The Anomalies tab is a central repository of anomalies, each displayed as a customized Anoboard dashboard, that show anomalies in a predefined set of metrics. To view Anoboards dashboard, select the Anomalies tab from the Anodot task bar.


Anoboards enable teams and individuals to create customized views of anomalies within a set of metrics that represent the service parts of metrics that are their responsibility to track. Selecting an Anoboard dashboard enables you investigate issues you received from alert notifications.

Anodot establishes that an anomaly has occurred when current values have exceeded learned normal values for the metric. Anodot also assigns a Significance score to each anomaly based on the size and duration of the exception as compared to past performance.

Related metrics experiencing anomalies at the same time are grouped together. The Significance score for each metric anomaly is determined separately, while the Significance score for the group chart is a combined and weighted value.

All values used as filters are maintained separately for each metric so that you may alter them while investigating the anomaly.

Note: Related metrics are discovered by Anodot’s behavioral topology learning algorithms.

Anoboard anomalies are displayed in two formats:

Anomaps – the Anomap is a bar chart of all the metrics that are currently filtered by this Anoboard, ranking their most relevant properties and values using a color coding and size relevancy ranking order for a specified time range. 

Anomalies Line Charts – the line chart displays one or a group of metrics simultaneously for a specified time range. Each instance of the anomaly is displayed in a separate chart.

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