Creating a Slack Channel

  1. Run Slack.
  2. In Slack follow the procedure to set up Incoming Webhook Integration.
    • On the Slack home screen click +Add an app or custom integration > Configure > Custom Integrations> Incoming Webhooks > Add Configuration > add Incoming WebHooks integration.
    • Scroll down to the Integration Settings box/ Webhook URL
    • Copy the WebHook URL
  3. Run Anodot.
  4. On the main Navigation panel, select Management Channels.
  5. Click New, select Slack Instance.
  6. Enter a Name.
  7. Paste the Webhook URL copied in step 2.
  8. Enter a Slack channel name.
  9. Click Test Instance. The Test Passed message is displayed.
  10. Run Slack, make sure that you receive the test message:
  11. Click Save.
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