Creating a Slack Channel

  1. Run Slack.
  2. In Slack follow the procedure to set up Incoming Webhook Integration.
    • On the Slack home screen click +Add an app or custom integration > Configure > Custom Integrations> Incoming Webhooks > Add Configuration > add Incoming WebHooks integration.
    • Scroll down to the Integration Settings box/ Webhook URL
    • Copy the WebHook URL
  3. Run Anodot.
  4. On the main Navigation panel, select Management Channels.
  5. Click New, select Slack Instance.
  6. Enter a Name.
  7. Paste the Webhook URL copied in step 2.
  8. Enter a Slack channel name.
  9. Choose a Time Zone. The Alert information will be displayed according to this time zone.
  10. Click Test Instance. The Test Passed message is displayed.
  11. Run Slack, make sure that you receive the test message:
  12. Click Save.



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