Creating a No Data Only Alert

To Set an Alert to No Data Only:

  1. Click the Alerts tab and then click the New button.
  2. In the Metrics row, click Selected Metrics or Right_chevron_icon.icoto open the metrics definition dialog box. To define metrics see Metric Expressions Workflow.
  3. Click Save, to return to the Edit:New Alert window.
  4. In the Alerts Settings row, click Define Metrics First or Right_chevron_icon.ico to open the Alerts Settings window.
  5. In the Alert Type drop-down list, select  No Data Only
  6. Select a time unit [Minutes/Hours/Days] from the drop-down menu.
  7. Hover under No Data for at least to select a time value.

Note: No Data Only alerts can be overly frequent if the metrics you choose are not reporting periodically or if the metrics are bound to servers that are dynamically added or shutdown, for example, auto scaling in AWS [Amazon Web Services].

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