Creating an Anoboard Tile

To create a new Anoboard tile:

  1. In the Anomalies tab, click New.
  2. In the New Anoboard Settings dialog box:
    • Type the name of the new Anoboard
    • [Optional] Add Tags. Start typing a tag, if the tag exists it is displayed in the drop-down menu. Or create a new tag by entering the complete name in the tag field. New tags are automatically saved after selecting Create.
      Note: An unlimited number of tags can be added to the Tile. Use Tags to organize, filter and search your Dashboard screen.
    • Select Who can edit this Dashboard.
  1. Click Create. The new Anoboard opens in a separate tab. 
  2. In the Filter by tokens, properties or search panel, set the Anoboard values:
    • Set a Significance level by sliding the Significance bar
    • Set a minimum duration, select a Time period [minutes/ hours/days] from the Time period drop-down menu and then set the time value by sliding the Min duration bar
    • Set a minimum Delta, select either Percentage or Absolute from the Delta drop-down menu and then set the delta value by either sliding the Delta bar for Percentage or use the Up-down scroller to select an absolute delta value.
    • Click the Open Only control to display only anomalies that are not resolved.
    • Set a Direction when to display the anomaly is higher or lower than the selected threshold:
      • Up and Down [default]
      • Up to display only if the anomaly value is higher than the set Threshold
      • Down to display only if the anomaly value is lower than the set Threshold
    • Set a Time Scale [1 minute/5 minutes/ 1 hour/1 Day]
  3. Select a Time Range from the Time Range drop-down list.
  4. [Optional] To display predefined Events which correlate to the Anomalies, activate the Events Toggle Switch.
  5. Click Save. 

The Anoboard is saved to the Anoboards Dashboard window.

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