Creating a Dashboard Free Text Tile

To create a Free Text Tile:

  1. Open a Dashboard, and click Add > Free Text. A blank tile is displayed on the page.
  2. To enter text in the tile, click IconSet.ico. Select Edit.
  3. In the Edit Text Tile box select:
    • The text Type [HTML/Text]
    • The Style [ Dashboard Title/Dashboard –title/Free text]
    • Type text in the Text field

4. Click OK to preview the tile.
5. Click Save.


To move a tile, hover over theHover2MoveIcon.ico move icon to display a crossMoveIcon.ico -  drag the tile to a new location.
To re-size a tile, hover over the lower right corner to display a grey triangle GreyTriangle.ico, drag it to re-size the tile.
To edit the tile, click IconSet.ico> Edit.
To delete a tile, click IconSet.ico> Delete.

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