Removes data samples from each input time-series that are larger than a specified threshold value. 


 Time SeriesMultiple (Single or multiple time-series) 



  Mandatory, numeric  


 Transformed Time SeriesMultiple 

Available in 

 Alerts, Composites, Dashboards  

The RemoveBelowValue function is useful when the underlying data is known to contain data spikes which are irrelevant or invalid, and should be removed. 

Usage example

An Ad-tech company monitors the cost of several advertising campaigns. Occasionally, a bug is introduced in the data collection process, which results in a huge outlier: 


This spike, however, does not reflect a valid value, and should be removed. By applying the RemoveAboveValue function (specifying a threshold of 1000) the spike can be removed from the time series, and the normal pattern is clearly evident: 



Note: the RemoveBelowValue function can be used when the invalid samples are not spikes, but drops.

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