Returns the division result of each sample in the dividend time-series divided by the corresponding sample in the divisor time-series. 

See also ratioPairs for getting the ratio between multiple pairs of metrics. 


Dividend Time Series: Multiple (Single or multiple time-series) 
Divisor Time Series: Single  





Transformed Time Series: Multiple 

Available in

Alerts, Composites, Dashboards 

The divideSeries function provides the most straightforward way to divide a group of time-series by a single time-series. This is achieved by entering two metric expressions; one as the dividend, and another as the divisor. Importantly, the divisor must hold a single time-series. 

Usage Example 

ThedivideSeries function can be used when you want to monitor the ratio between one (or more) time-series and some quantity (such as the total sum of a group of time-series):


The result of the composite above is a group of three metrics, each one holding the calculated ratios between a specific #batch_id metric and the total sum of all #batch_id metrics: 


Note: to divide matching pairs of time-series, see ratioPairs. 

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