Return the division result of each sample in the dividend time series by the corresponding sample in the divisor time series.

See also: ratioPairs for getting the ratio between multiple pairs of metrics.


Dividend Time Series – multiple (Single or multiple time series.)
Divisor Time Series – single (Divisor time series.)





 Transformed Time Series - multiple

Available in

  Alerts + Composite + Dashboards

The divideSeries function provides the most straightforward way to divide a group of time series by a single time series. This is achieved by entering two metric expressions - one in the dividend, and another in the divisor. Importantly, the divisor must hold a single time series.

For example, the divideSeries function can be used when you want to monitor the ratio between one (or more) time series and some quantity (e.g., the total sum of a group of time series):


The result of the composite above is a group of three metrics, each one holds the calculated ratios between a specific #batch_id metric and the total sum of all #batch_id metrics:


Note: if you are looking to divide matching pairs of time series, check out ratioPairs.

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