Returns a count of the number of input time series reporting at each time sample


 Time Series – multiple (Single or multiple time series.)





 Transformed Time Series - multiple

Available in

 Alerts + Composite + Dashboards

The CountSeries function returns the number of metric values that are streaming into Anodot for any given time sample. This is useful for data validation purposes: when you want to make sure the data is streaming and updated continuously, you can use this function to verify there is no drop in the number of updated metrics. 

For example, an e-commerce company wants to monitor the bookings for multiple currencies and make sure no data is missing.

They will create an alert with the following booking measurement (2169 booking metrics):


After grouping by currency_name, the result are 40 different currency groups of bookings: 


Upon applying the CountSeries function, the result is a single metric which counts how many bookings updates were registered each hour:


Looking at the graph, it’s clear that the number of updated metrics per hour varies between 16 - 35, which means several bookings metrics are not reporting regularly every hour. This makes sense, as bookings in some currencies are more frequent than others.

In addition, it seems like there is a daily seasonality but some drops are deeper than others and should be investigated:


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