Anodot Main Display

The Anodot main window contains four tabs:

  • Dashboards – the central repository for accessing and viewing groups of metrics
  • Anomalies - to view all of the anomalies discovered by Anodot
  • Metrics – selecting options for collecting and sending data to Anodot
  • Alerts - notifications of metric events triggered by anomalies, no data, or deviations from a static value

And two icons:

  •   To check your Account Information.
  •   To customize your Settings and get Help.
    From the drop-down Settings menu, select:
    • Users [Admin users only] there are two levels of Anodot users: Admin and Users.
    • Channels to create distribution channels for Alert Notifications, see Managing Alert Channels.
    • Composite Management to view user defined composite metric entities, see Creating Composite Metrics.
    • Time Zone to select a time zone. The default time zone is the same as your Anodot browser. To change Time Zones, select Time Zone, type in the name of the town or GMT +/- [hours] in the Change Time Zone box. Click OK.
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