Advance Metrics Search Mode

Use Advance Search mode for metrics based on several pre-determined parameters.


1. Click the Hamburger_icon.ico menu on the top taskbar, to display the Navigation panel.

2. Select Metrics, to display the  Metrics window.

3. Click the Switch to Advance button, to display an expression tree.

4. Select a Sort order:

  • alphanumeric
  • highest Average
  • highest Current
  • highestMax
  • lowestAverage
  • lowestMin
  • mostDeviant

The sort order is for preview purposes only, and is computed over the time range specified, except when saving to the Dashboard.

5. Select the number of metrics to be shown in the graph. Up to 50 metrics can be displayed in a graph. If there are more than 50 metrics returned in an expression, clicking on the expression shows the full list in the legend below the chart.

6. To include Composites, deselect the Exclude Metrics check box. By default Composite Metrics are excluded from Advanced Search metrics.
Note: We recommend excluding composites as they cannot contain other composites, therefore cannot be saved either as alerts or new composites.

7. Click the Display style icon Display_properties_icon_-_new.ico, to customize the graph display.
See Customizing a Chart

8. Define the metric parameters using the  the function nodes.
See Creating Metric Expressions 

If an Advanced metric meets the Simple Search parameters, it can be converted to a Simple Search by clicking the Simple Search toggle. If it does not, a Simple Search Warning is displayed.

Searching for Metrics: Advanced Methods 
Tutorial: Building Chart and Metric Expressions


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