Simple Metrics Search Mode

Use Simple Search to search for metrics based on a limited number of pre-determined parameters.  

Note At any stage of creating a new simple search metric you can switch to creating an Advanced search metric by clicking Switch to Advanced.


  1. On the main Navigation panel, click Metrics to display the Find Metrics window.
    Note: Check that Simple Search Mode is switched ON.
  2. Select a function from the Aggregation drop-down menu.

  3. In the Of field select 'what' you would like to search. Either click the field to to display a drop-down menu or start typing to auto-complete the selection.  
  4. Select Filter by and Group By values. Either click the field to to display a drop-down menu or start typing to auto-complete the selection.
  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 to add multiple Of, Filter by and Group by values to the metric.
  6. To exclude Composite Metrics, click the toggle button. The default is for simple search to exclude Composite metrics.
    Note: We recommend to exclude composite metrics because composite metrics cannot contain other composite metrics, therefore cannot be saved either as alerts or as new composites.
  7. Select a Sort order from the drop-down menu [alphanumeric/ highestAverage/ highestCurrent/ highestMax/ lowest Average/ lowestCurrent/ lowestMin].
  8. Select how many metrics to display from the Show metrics drop-down menu. 
  9. To set the metric display properties, click the Display Properties icon Display_properties_icon_-_new.ico. To set the Display Properties see Customizing a Chart.
  10. [Optional] Click Save followed by:
       Either Save as Composite Metric
    Save to Dashboard
    Create Alert.
    Follow the online instructions.

As you select the parameters for the search metric, they will be displayed either as one chart containing all the metrics [Collapsed View] or as single metric per chart [Expanded View]. If the Collapsed/Expanded View menu is not displayed, click the More icon .
Collapsed View

 Expanded View


To modify the search metrics display, change the Time Range, Time Scale and Change Chart Layouts from the corresponding drop-down menus as the top of the display pane, .

To create complex search metrics which can include expressions, see:
Searching for Metrics: Advanced Methods
Tutorial: Building Chart and metric Expressions

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