CSV One-time Upload

Collecting and Processing Data  
Parsing and Importing Settings  
Setting Customer Specified Parsing Parameters


  1. Click the menu icon Hamburger_icon.ico,  to display the Navigation panel. 
  2. Select Data Collector.  The Data Manager window is displayed.
    Note: By default all Web Sources and Uploaded Files, Streams and Stream status are displayed in the Data Manager window. For details about the Data Manager window, see Data Collectors - Overview.
    If files have already been upload, skip to step 5.
  3. To upload a file, click Sources__Icon.ico . The Connect to Sources /Upload File dialog box is displayed.



4. Browse for the file you want to upload. 

5. After the file is successfully uploaded, the Stream Query window is displayed.


  • File Data is displayed in the File Upload panel. Click

EyeIcon.icoTo preview the uploaded file

File_settings_icon.ico To change parsing and import settings.
         See Parsing and Import Settings for CSV files

Row errors  are listed and include a brief description

  • The default stream name, File Stream 12/14/2017 10:57 is the time stamp when the stream was created. You can edit the name.
  • Missing Metrics & Dimensions information is specified.  

7. To edit the query, click the Edit Pen. the Metrics and Dimensions  dialog box is displayed.


  • To add an item, drag from the repository on the left to the relevant Metrics or Dimensions pane.
    Note  At least one dimension and one measure [metric with a numerical value] are required.
  • To clear an item, click the X icon on the item.
  • Choose a time format from the drop-down menu.
  • Choose a time zone. The time zone may be either from your browser, your file or a specific location.
    Note  The time stamp definition and the time pattern are required.

8. Click Accept.ico  to accept the changes and return to the Stream Query window.

9. Click Next.ico. Anodot now retrieves the data from the uploaded file. Streaming will take a few moments - how long depends on your system and the amount of data to be processed. 
A Stream Table is displayed, showing the metrics and dimensions retrieved and a balance of your metrics account. 


MIissing_aggregation_type_icon.icoindicates that the aggregation type  [Average/Sum] is missing. Streaming is disabled until the aggregation type is defined for all the values. Aggregation type in uploaded files, must be manually specified for each value. 

10. Click Stream-It to stream the data into Anodot for processing.  

Note: If the retrieval process appears to be taking too long, use the breadcrumbs to return to the Stream Query window. Make the necessary changes and click Next.

To view the metrics created, navigate to the Anodot Metrics window.

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When uploading a CSV file, Anodot data analyzer detects parsing parameters. 


To accept the system-detected parsing parameters, click Exit_X_icon.ico


You can set your own parameters. Set any of the following parameters:

File delimiter Comma ,
  Ampersand &
  Pipe |
  Semicolon ;
  White space  
Quote character None  
  Double quotes "
  Single quotes '
Thousands separator None  
  Comma  ,
  Dot .
Escape character None  
  Back slash \
  Circumflex ^
  Record separator  
Decimal separator None  
  Comma ,
  Dot .

In addition, you can set to

  • Display header rows
  • ignore empty lines
  • Replace empty cells (fill with 'unknown')

Click APPLY to save the new settings.

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