Composite Metrics - Advance Settings

By default the delays in computing composite metrics are computed at the account level based on Anodot's information of the input metrics' delay. You can override the default and set delays per composite -  this avoids either very long delays which would allow all the composites to be calculated or shorter delays but with the result that the composites are not calculated accurately.


  1. Click the Hamburger_icon.ico menu on the top task bar, to display the Navigation panel.
  2. Select Composite Management. The Composite Management window is displayed.
    Note: If the composite to which you want to add the delay already exists, skip to step 4.
  3. Create a new composite metric, see Creating Composite Metrics
  4. In the Composite Management window, choose the composite for which you want to set the delay. The Composite Management panel is displayed.
  5. Click the More icon to display the Composite Delay dialog box.

  6. The default is for Auto calculated delay enabled to be active. Anodot will automatically calculate the percentage of data points received and the corresponding wait-delay time.
    To override the default calculated delay:
    i.   Disable Auto calculated delay enabled.
    ii.  Select a Time unit [seconds/minutes/hours].
    iii.  Type a value in the Change delay time field.  
  7. Click OK.
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