Managing the All Anoboards Window

To display all the All Anoboards window:

  1. On the main Navigation panel, click Anomalies


 Note: The names of open tiles are displayed in All Anoboards title bar.

To:  Click:
Filter tiles by name, tags or tile owners Type a name(s)/ tag(s) and name owner(s) in the Filter field
Open a tile On the tile you want to open
Close a tile Hover over the tile name in the All Anoboards bar and click Close_tile_icon.ico
Prioritize a tile - prioritized tiles are displayed at the top of the main Dashboard window Hover over the tile and click White_star.ico
 Yellow_Star.pngindicates a prioritized tile.

Change the tile
 - settings [name, add tags]
 - duplicate
 - delete
 - who can edit the Anoboard
The More icon MoreIcon.ico


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