Main Dashboard Window

To display all available Dashboards, navigate to the All Dashboards window.

  1. From the main Navigation panel, click Dashboards to display the All Dashboards window.


 Note: The names of open tiles are displayed in All Dashboards bar.

To:  Click:
Filter tiles by name, tags or tile creators Type a name(s)/ tag(s) and name owner(s) in the Filter field
Import a Dashboard The All Dashboard More Icon
Open a tile On the tile you want to open
Note: (X) indicates the number of charts, meters and free text tiles on the Dashboard.
Close a tile Hover over the tile name in the All Dashboard bar and click Close_tile_icon.ico
Prioritize a tile - prioritized tiles are displayed at the top of the main Dashboard window Hover over the tile and click White_star.ico
 Yellow_Star.pngindicates a prioritized tile.

Update the:
 - Settings [name/ add tags /who can edit the dashboard]
 - Duplicate
 - Delete
The More icon MoreIcon.ico
Note:  All users have view access to tile metrics. Tiles designated as Owner can modify can be updated only by their owners. Other users can Duplicate the tile but Settings and Delete are disabled.


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