Anomaly Filters

Filters refine content in the Anomaps and Anomaly charts.


The first filter to apply is Time Range which defines the time period for all anomaps and anomaly charts. Time Range is not adjustable at the individual chart level. 

You can filter all or individual anomalies by:

  • Metric expression
  • Significance level of anomaly
    • From 0 to 100
  • Minimum duration of anomaly
    • From 0 to 100 in minutes, hours, or days, up to limit of chart time period
  • Minimum delta of an anomaly
    • Absolute Delta: Difference between the peak value of the metric during an anomaly from the normal range
    • Percent Delta (%): The percent of change from the normal range to the peak value of an anomaly.
    • When setting a value in the Min Delta filter, only anomalies with higher absolute or percentage deltas are displayed in the Anoboard.
  • Status of anomaly
    • Open (ongoing, having not returned to normal range)
    • All anomalies
  • Direction of anomaly
    • Orientation from normal range
    • Up (higher) and/or Down (lower)
  • Time Scale
    • 1 minute
    • 5 minutes
    • 1 hour
    • 1 day
  • Anomaly Type
    • All
    • Transient - a transient spike in the normal range pattern
    • Pattern Change - a change in the normal behavior of the range pattern
  • Bookmarked Anomalies
    • Mine - Anomalies bookmarked by me
    • Other's - Anomalies bookmarked by other's
    • None - Anomalies with no bookmarks
    • All Bookmarked - Anomalies with bookmarks
    • All Anomalies - Ignore bookmarks when filters
  • Events [Show/Hide]


Filters automatically take effect. The results are displayed in the Anomaps and Anomalies charts.

Select Save, to save the the existing Anomalies tile with the new filters.

Select Save As to create a new Anomalies tile based on the new filters. A Save dialog box is displayed. enter a name and delete or add tags.

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