Tutorial 4: Generating a Complex Expression Tree with Multiple Expressions

The following example shows how to build a complex expression tree using a function with a series of functions.

How to use a function within a function:

  1. In the Metrics tab, place the cursor in the blank expression node.
  2. In the Properties drop-down list, select
  3. Place the cursor in the box again, and click.
  4. In the Values drop-down list, select All (*).
  5. Click image005.png at the right of the expression. A image005.png expression node appears above.
  6. Placing the cursor in image005.png node box, type sumSeries or select sumSeries in the drop-down list.

    SumSeries has no parameters. By default, the key-value pair Campaigns: All (*) is the parameter for the function.

    Notice how the first expression node became indented once you selected the function.

  7. Clickimage017.png. A new expression node appears.
  8. In the empty expression node, place the cursor, and in the All Values section of the drop-down list, select Campaigns: 301.
  9. Click image005.png at the right of the expression.
  10. Placing the cursor in the image005.png box, type divideSeries or select divideSeries in the drop-down list.
  11. To nest the sumSeries function in the divideSeries function, hover over image005.pngto the left of sumSeries until the move icon (image019.png) appears.
  12. Holding the device button down, grab the sumSeries function, drag it to under the divideSeries function, and drop.

    The Expression Builder now shows the sumSeries function nested within the divideSeries function.

  13. Click Save. See Metric Expressions

How to create an area graph:

  1. In the Expression Builder toolbar, select .
  2. In the Display as section, select Area.
  3. Click Done
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