Viewing the Latest and Previous Anomalies

To view the latest and previous  anomalies of a specified Anoboard:

  1. On the main Navigation panel, click Anomalies.
  2. Select an Anoboard tile. The Anoboard opens in a new tabbed page divided into three sections:
  • Filters in the left panel refine contents in the displayed anomaps and charts. 
  • Anomaps focus on isolating the metric properties and values of anomalies and are ranked by relevancy.
  • Anomaly Charts for viewing, investigating, and commenting on anomalies based on a single or group of metrics.
    Note: To distinguish between the latest and previous Anomalies, a different color code is used. 

The default Anoboard page displays all anomaly charts and two Anomaps. To view more Anomaps, use the forward and backward scrolling arrows 2017-07-15_11-03-25.ico

Any changes made in the filters are automatically applied to all displayed charts and Anomaps.

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