Tutorial 3: Replacing Metric Names with Property Name

The aliasByProperty function is particularly useful in format 1.0 expressions for substituting the metric name (posN) with the property name, for example, ‘pos5 with ‘customer’.

How to use the aliasByProperty function:

  1. In the Metrics tab, place the cursor in the blank expression node.
  2. In the Properties drop-down list, select customer and then select All (*) in the Values list.
  3. In the Properties drop-down list, go to All Values and select pos7:m1-rate.
  4. Click image005.png at the right of the expression. The image005.png  expression node appears above.
  5. Place the cursor in image005.png node box.
  6. Type aliasByProperty or select aliasByProperty in the drop-down list. A mandatory Property parameter box opens.
  7. Type the replacement property name or the token position, for example, pos5.
  8. Click Save. See Metric Expressions.
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